In my books I touch on the subject of meeting people in random ways and how they become such a big part of one’s life. I have met men through Craigslist, singles sites like OK Cupid and through mutual friends to be my lovers and part of my hotwife lifestyle. I am very lucky as I have met some amazing guys (along with a few assholes) that have remained in my life. A couple of the guys I’ve known for well over 2 years now and I got to spend some time with a few of them over the weekend.

I had Book Club Friday night with Nick, my editor and one of my closest friends now. He was one of my first lovers after my husband and I opened up our marriage 2 1/2 years ago, and Nick is in all of my books. We have mostly been very close friends but have found ourselves in bed (or shower or somewhere else) on occasion. I don’t think of him as a Play Partner, just one of my best friends.

We get together, usually once a week, for Book Club, which is usually just dinner, drinks and a lot of laughter. We do work on some book related stuff, and he did get me my latest chapter of my new book which he finished editing on Friday, but mostly it’s just to hang out. I love spending time with Nick. We tell each other everything and just always have connected well as friends.

We had dinner at a divey Mexican restaurant that Nick likes. He brought a friend with us which isn’t my favorite as I feel like I have to filter what I talk about around strangers. Nick and I have quite open discussions usually about what’s going on in our sex lives and I felt I had to take it from XXX talk to an R rated level so I don’t freak people out. In any case, we hung out at Nick’s after, had a beer and I left fairly early. Always a nice time though.

As I’m leaving Nick’s, I get a text from Max. He had been my longest term play partner, was in all three of my books and was also the only man that I got too close to over the last few years. We had so many great times together but we fought and when we fought, it was rough on me. When things were good between us, we had amazing times.

We had split “for good” in January. I had even sent him a farewell letter explaining that I wasn’t to see him or talk to him anymore as neither my husband nor I could deal with the drama he brought into my life. He had ended things with me and had broken my heart. We have probably broken up 6 or 7 times over a couple years, taking turns with getting fed up with one another and that time seemed final.

He contacted me recently and we had had a date that started well and ended horribly last weekend. It included me watching him projectile vomit at the end of our date instead of fucking me in a hotel room as I would have preferred. It resulted in me getting hurt once again. His alcoholism doesn’t help. He tells me a day or two later that he doesn’t think we were worth even trying anymore but wanted to remain in my life as a friend. As we never had that kind of relationship, I just didn’t know how to be like that with him. I really don’t know why I said I’d even try. It’s not what I wanted. I just didn’t want to lose him from my life entirely. I guess he must have wanted me in his life in some manner otherwise why the fuck would he keep contacting me.

I had some of my books with me on Friday night though and had told him that I would give him the hard copies which Nick and I had only recently rolled out. Nick told me to ignore the text but I sat in my car and told Max that I could drop the books by as he lived about five minutes away from Nick. He was just getting home from work and said to drop them off.

We sat outside his place and had a smoke and a little chat. He told me that he just hates fighting with me and that it fucking sucks. He had worked a long shift cooking and, although he smelled like grease, he looked better than he had on our date which he showed up for looking like a scruffy drunk. He was a different person sober, even his appearance was different. I would never be able to get him to stop drinking and he would never be able to get me to stop worrying about his drug and alcohol use.

We didn’t sort anything out about what we were supposed to do now really but we didn’t fight. I told him that I was heading home, we had a nice long hug, he thanked me for the books and I went home to my husband. I told my husband about my evening and I knew that he wouldn’t be thrilled about me stopping to see Max but he wasn’t mad. He was glad I was honest about it. Hubby and I started fooling around and had an amazing night together as usual.

Saturday night I had a date with Tanner. I have seen Tanner for over a year. He was another guy that had become one of my best friends. He was quite young at 27, but he was fun and a good lover. He was also reliable. He was always there for me whether I needed a friend or a lover. He would schedule dates, be on time, pay for things (we took turns at least) and still would message me a few times a week to chat, see how I’m doing or just send me a random compliment. He’s sweet. I care about him a lot.

We hit the casino because my friend Ray (who I never dated but met as a friend through a dating app) has a band that was playing there. Tanner said we could do whatever I liked because it doesn’t matter what we do, he always has fun when he’s with me. He was always saying sweet things. Other men could learn a thing or two from Tanner about manners and kindness.

We had fun at the casino and I even won a little money before deciding to go back to Tanner’s place for play time. He had kind of a guest house at the back of his house and we usually fucked around in there due to roommate situations. He seemed more passionate than usual, kissing me as he fucked me and knocking stuff off the bed onto the floor while fucking me hard. The bed was bouncy and I told him he was going to bounce me off. We laughed and had a good time. I got home too late to be reclaimed by hubby.

Sunday morning I chat with Robbie. I had met him on a dating site about a year and a half ago. He was very sexy, charismatic and the singer in a local rock band. I had fallen into a role of being a part time lover of his. We would be on again and off again depending on his current girlfriend situation. We remained good friends throughout though because he was honest with me. He had a girlfriend for the past month or so but it seemed they weren’t working out.

His band had an upcoming show and he was giving me a couple free tickets. He asked if I could pop over and get them, hang out a bit, so I wasn’t exactly sure if this was more today or not. I showered and headed to Robbie’s.

He had a few people there so I knew right away that this was just a friendly visit. We had a beer and chatted a while. I would have to talk about the girlfriend later since people were there, I couldn’t talk to him freely about our sexual relationship so I just enjoyed catching up and having a few laughs.

As I’m getting ready to head home, I get a text from Ty. Ty is my youngest play partner at 21. We have little in common but he’s so gorgeous and the sex is amazing. I put up with a little too much of his millennial bullshit because of it, but we have a good time together. I text hubby to ask if I can pop over Ty’s since Robbie wasn’t happening. He OKs it.

I head to Ty’s place. Even though he’s the youngest, he has his shit together more so than the other guys. He has his own car, apartment and works a couple jobs. He has typical young people annoyances like being on his phone too much, not being able to schedule dates in advance much, and has irritated me by cancelling when he does plan dates in advance from time to time.

I was coming over primarily for sex and a kind of funny thing happened that I later texted Nick about. Here’s my conversation with Nick….

“Ty’s was nice except we didn’t have sex per se. He started to rub my pussy after removing my panties. We were laying on our backs on the bed with our heads at each others feet. It was weird. Lol. Like if I rolled over on top of him, we’d be positioned to 69. So I grabbed his cock and started stroking. I came fairly quickly (he may be better than Chris with his hands) and then so did he. I haven’t gotten a guy off with a hand job in ages. Youth. It was fun though.”

Nick response…
“LOL.. Ty gets a teenage hand job.”

The weekend ended last night with a reclaiming night with hubby. He has to take his wife back especially since I’ve been with two guys (sort of) since he and I were intimate last. I was commanded to suck his cock a lot. Clamps were brought out. He kept changing which nipple clamps he would use on me, different weights and styles including one set with a chain that connects to a clitoral clamp. I’m not fond of nipple clamps but it’s my “punishment” for my behavior. We had amazing sex resulting in simultaneous orgasms and an overall delightful night and a nice weekend with some of the guys in my life. – Juliet Adelaide