I have seen Ty sporadically since we met last fall. He was 21, beautiful, we had very little in common, but the sex was amazing despite our 24 year age difference. He was very skilled sexually, surprising to me as he was so young. He didn’t play by my hotwife rules well as he had never met my husband, and a threesome with hubby would be out of the question despite his initial enthusiasm for learning to be more sexually adventurous. I still liked to play with him and saw him every few weeks. He often sent me naughty little messages and occasionally our schedules worked out so that we could see one another.

He knew that I get a long break in the afternoon from my job and we had been trying to meet up for the last couple weeks. We both had busy schedules and hadn’t been able to connect for a few weeks. He asked if it was possible to meet for a quickie at least at his place. I checked with my husband to make sure it was alright and agreed to drive over Ty’s apartment for a little afternoon delight.

He texted when I was on the way to tell me that the door is open and to just come in. I went into his place and hopped into his bed. He was still wearing clothes, nice clothes actually. I found out he was just on a long lunch break too so we didn’t have much time.

We chatted briefly before I was being told to get undressed and him commenting on the fact that I’m not usually wearing so many clothes. I normally wear a dress or skirt and I had worn jeans to work. I don’t think he’s ever seen me in anything but a dress, lingerie or naked. I was soon naked and lying on his chest as he reached down to play with my pussy. I loved when he touched me. He was perhaps my only lover that could make me cum quicker than I could myself. He had a special touch that just really did it for me.

He rubbed my clit slowly, sliding his finger into my pussy for wetness and back to rubbing circles on my clit. I grabbed his cock to stroke it as he fondled me. I thought this might end up being a mutual masturbation session as we were both breathing hard and I was coming close to orgasm. I came by his hand and let go of his cock.

I went between his legs and began sucking his cock. As much as I love Ty’s fingers, he seems to have the same appreciation of my mouth. He often texts me about missing me sucking his cock, missing my mouth and my lips. I put his cock into my mouth and slid it back and forth towards my throat. I rubbed my tongue along it as I sucked. I stopped and would rub the head with my hand. I asked him if he wanted to cum in my mouth or while fucking me.

He pulled me up and I straddled him. I leaned over to grab a condom from my purse and put it on him. I watched the handsome young man as I rode him. He grabbed my breasts and moaned. He talked a bit, somewhat unusual for Ty, about how good I felt and he wasn’t going to last long. He started thrusting up his hips and soon came inside me pulling me down on top of him.

He was right. He didn’t last long. He said it had been a while since he’s had sex. It was nice though and we didn’t have much time anyways. We both agreed that it was still very good and we both got off. We discussed how we need more time so we can get a two round evening as we have had before. We cleaned up a bit and walked out together, both heading back to work. I loved walking back in the office with my co-workers asking if I had a nice lunch. Why yes, it was yummy.-Juliet Adelaide